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Dundas : Wednesday, and Thursday lavandulawellnesscentre.com


Dance Our Way Home

It is a complete experience that touches body, heart , mind and soul, where you are free to move at your own pace, in your own way.

The practice includes relaxation, guided imagery, and a perfect balance of facilitated and non-facilitated dance. All supported by a range of music that will carry you through various states of being… from tender to wild!

Each session has its own theme to inspire your courage, compassion and creativity.  Through a series of dances beginning and ending with self, you will get your blood flowing and heart pumping; feeling alive and connected to self and others.

Come find your place in the circle of women, as we support one another, embodying our most radiant, magnificent selves!

No experience needed. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat or blanket, along with a water bottle.


“This was an experience that I am thankful for. I released any inhibitions that I would normally label myself with. I felt FREE! Starting with the meditation, it was wonderful. I appreciated not speaking throughout because that helped to keep me more in the meditative state. I enjoyed the sisterhood circle. Thank you for creating a safe environment for us to release. I would definitely like to sign up for a class.”

Liz O

“Kim, I loved the music that you picked , it touched my soul. I loved the letting go and being our true authentic selves. I suggest that you keep doing this because you are the most incredible leader, we felt safe and were free to let go into our sacred feminine. Amazing! One of the best workshops I have ever been to . Wow! Full of gratitude!”

Heidi Martin • Personal Development Coach,Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader

“Thank you Kim for offering an opportunity to literally move outside of the “box”. We sometimes get stuck and so involved in our everyday life that we forget to move freely and let our worries and inhibitions go. This session was a breath of fresh air and not knowing what to expect, you made the DOWH experience pleasurable and fun while offering the support and guidance I needed to connect deeper with my true spirit. I feel relaxed and ready to conquer whatever may present itself today.”

Christie Ellinger • Pilates Instructor, Waterdown

“What a fantastic experience. Sometimes it is hard to come out of our shells, but this was great. Thank you for taking me on this journey. It was so amazing to feel myself re-connect with my body. Due to school, I have lost touch with myself and my spiritual side, but this has truly helped me! Thank you, Merci, Obrigado! You are truly inspirational. Can’t wait to do this again. Your energy has lifted me to new heights!!”

Sarah • Student

10 Principles of DOWH

Simple, loving Principles we invite into each session:

1. Body is our teacher: We live in and through our bodies. It is here where we contain and reveal our entire life experience. This is where we must listen, learn and heal.

2.Dance heals and ‘wholes’ us: Our body’s primary language is movement. Through the dance we find all parts of ourselves so we can be whole.

3.Loving kindness creates safe space: Through loving kindness we soften our body, heart and mind to find a meeting place of non-judgment, acceptance and peace. There we can feel safe to just be.

4.Self expression and self worth are birth rights: We are all precious and unique. It is our right to find and love who we are, and express our personal truth authentically.

5.Acceptance of self is the way to joy and freedom: When we accept all that we were, are and will be, in a place of no judgment, no right or wrong, good or bad, this is liberation and joy.

6. Embracing the Divine Feminine Within creates balance and deeper knowing: It is time for us to remember and reclaim our original power and instincts as women. We have our own unique way. We just need to listen and respond with dignity and love.

7. Radiance is our original state of being: We all were born with a spark of spirit, of life. This spark is called radiance, light, love, beauty. It is our task to shine!

8. Letting go and relaxing are keys to magic-making: When we are in a state of peace and relaxation, a shift of consciousness happens called magic!

9. We are all sacred and interconnected with the great whole: We are part of this great community called humanity, life, universe. We all contain the seed of divine energy that unites us all.

10. Possibilities are limitless, miracles do happen: Anything is possible under the sun. Why not open ourselves to endless possibilities? Come experience a woman’s way to wellness & wholeness, through the gentle art of movement, relaxation and guided imagery.