Senior in-home massage visits in Dundas and Aldershot

I’m available for in home visits on a monthly or bi monthly basis. Let’s have a conversation first to see how I may be a part of your health support team. If you have your own massage table, I will offer you a discount.  Reach out and I’ll be in touch, Kim (905)- 802- 6210 please leave message or text

Interested in exploring simple yet life enhancing habits that will increase your energy and have you enjoying more easeful living? Join Kim as she guides you through Cate Stillman’s book Body Thrive (Uplevel your body and your Life with 10 habits from Ayurveda and Yoga)

Let’s share tea and discussion. Results of other “Body thrivers” have been: deeper sleep, better energy and improved diet. The aim of the group is to support one another using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda while adopting powerful intentional habits week by week.

This will be a group that will nudge you in the right direction of doable self care habits for a modern- day busy person. Within the 6 weeks you will get a solid start and those habits can be introduced when and if they make sense for you. No superfoods or magic elixirs! You don’t need to be a student of yoga or to know anything about doshas or Ayurveda. This is all practical based guidelines which will benefit EVERY BODY. Are you one of the BodyThrivers this fall? I believe now is the time!

To register: Contact Kim at Join her on FB Kim Keresturi Registered Massage Therapist Check out the book on Amazon and let Kim know if you’re in, as soon as possible so you can download the workbook. (You can download the first few pages of the book on Kindle reader for free on Amazon. You’ll just need to install the kindle reader app from Amazon first.) Order the book asap!!