Maybe you have been taking this time to accelerate your fitness goals or perhaps you’ve become still and introspective.  This pandemic may have amplified your feelings of stress and anxiety, or perhaps it has given you permission to slow down and relax. Whether you are more active than ever, or opting for less movement, whether you are on a journey of self improvement or feeling the weight of the pandemic’s ramifications….I am imagining a renewed need for massage.  As we each navigate this next stage of reopening, we must remain careful but not fearful. It’s so important to enjoy the great outdoors, walk amongst trees, move our bodies, connect with others and step up our good life practices. (Let’s talk!)

In an effort to adapt and flow with the changes that are present, I am offering in-home massage Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays (a luxurious way to start or end your week!). Over the last two months,  I’ve had the pleasure of setting up my mobile massage table in the living rooms, dens and backyards of my wonderful clients. I’ve also opened up limited space in Dundas at Om Wellness Centre Wednesday afternoon, and Thursdays.  Check out guidelines and protocols are in effect to keep everyone safe. This includes pre-screening questions for Covid -19 the day before your appointment and day of, mandatory mask wearing for the entire visit and more stringent disinfection practices.

Along with offering massage therapy, I announce a brand new service for seniors :  1/2 hr energy enhancing exercise & chat sessions. Offerings are custom designed for those who have access to zoom or facetime over computer or ipads. Perhaps you know a senior who is still isolated at home and could benefit from a follow along stretch and move program and a chat? If you’d like to know more, visit my FB page below.
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Text:    905 802 6210

Connect with you soon,   Kim