Yesterday, a client expressed to me that  he didn’t ” go for” massage unless he needed one–as it seemed like a frivolous luxury. He had been helped in the past with his physical symptoms but he seemed critical towards others who simply came to relax.  I listened and then shared the following:

From where I stand, it is essential for our well being  that we each have tools to help our nervous systems relax. Massage sessions geared for stress reduction or simple embodied enjoyment are valid reasons.  I maintain there is a ripple effect from self care and surrendering to the body to relaxation that plays out in the hours and days following a good “nervous system resetting”  massage. It affects our decision making, how we treat ourselves and others, improves our sense of wellbeing and living in a body.. and quite often sets ourselves up for a good night’s sleep! ( That in itself is a win for countless numbers of people!)

He was an older gentleman however, I’ve heard similar views from all types of people  over my 30 yr massage career.   We need to  relax.  Often! Not just once a week or once a year on vacation.  Time spent connecting to our hearts, mind and body in a relaxed way will benefit us all.   EASE in our body+ presence = relaxation.

I am offering a customized relaxation program that will include one hour of massage and one hour of instruction using guided mediation and sharing tools and tricks that you can employ right away. Two calls ( either via zoom or phone) will complete the package.

Given the current circumstances of the pandemic, we need to accept what’s here in front of us, but we also are responsible for making things better.
If you have been looking to spark your wellness journey, then this may be for you! Start with relaxation therapy with me.

Reach out and let’s do this! ; )