Let’s shake things up on a Monday morning!


I don't know about you, but I'm growing rather weary of conversation about the virus.   I'm missing group activity and I don't see anything offered which I'm jazzed about for the fall . I have

Let’s shake things up on a Monday morning!2020-09-08T22:15:10-04:00

Relaxation therapy coaching


Yesterday, a client expressed to me that  he didn't " go for" massage unless he needed one--as it seemed like a frivolous luxury. He had been helped in the past with his physical symptoms but

Relaxation therapy coaching2020-08-31T12:08:29-04:00

Massage instruction for couples


Love a good massage? You’re in luck. A 2012 study looking at 95 adults found evidence to suggest 15 minutes of massage could not only help people relax, but it could also boost oxytocin levels.

Massage instruction for couples2020-08-28T12:51:41-04:00

House calls!


Let's talk if you'd like to have a massage in a quiet space in your own home Consider for you and your partner...you and your Mom...                

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Broken heartedness


The physical feelings that accompany a broken heart from a relationship ending  are a very real  thing - and at times incredibly intense.  The knee jerk reaction is to want it to go away (

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